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Purchase Leicester's Best Value Refurbished Kitchen Appliances in our ONLINE STORE or call us on 0333 666 2333 to secure.



The following terms and conditions apply to all sales/repairs processed by Fox’s Domestic Appliances

1. Payment

a. We reserve the right to apply surcharges to payments made by credit cards to reflect the transaction charges levied by the respective credit card companies.

b. Full payment for your goods is taken when a new order is created unless a deposit has been left on goods.

c. When placing your order over the phone or in store, you may be offered the choice of paying a deposit instead of payment in full. This deposit is non-refundable should you choose to cancel the order or fail to pay the balance within 7 days.

d. If you choose to pay by cheque then your order will only be processed once the cheque has been received and cleared.

2. Delivery

a. Delivery times are estimated at all times and may be delayed without prior notice (e.g. due to traffic delays, logistical delays, or delivery vehicle breakdowns), which is why we strongly advise all customers not to book fitters (when applicable) until they have received the relevant goods, as no claims will be accepted. We shall not be liable for any losses, costs, damages, charges or expenses caused by any delay in delivering goods.

b. The day of delivery we endeavour to advise all customers of an estimated delivery timeslot.

c. You will be notified of your delivery timeslot by phone on the day delivery providing you have given us sufficient contact details.

d. You cannot choose your own delivery timeslot as these are allocated by our sales staff. Once issued your timeslot cannot be changed, therefore someone must be present at the delivery address and able to accept the goods upon arrival of our delivery vehicle.

e. Acceptance of your order takes place when the goods are loaded onto one of our vehicles for delivery to you. If you find you cannot keep to the delivery date you must notify us before 12 noon one working day before delivery.

f. Failed delivery charges (original delivery charge amount) may be applied in the event that a delivery fails due to - but not limited to - any of the following reasons:

         o You cancel the order after the point at which the goods have been loaded for delivery at our shop.

         o You provide insufficient/incorrect contact details or an incorrect delivery address thereby resulting in our inability to contact you or otherwise make a successful delivery.

         o You refuse delivery upon arrival of our delivery vehicle.

         o There is no-one at the delivery address to accept delivery. You must ensure that you can be available between the times agreed on the chosen day of delivery.

         o There are parking restrictions or other access problems (e.g. steps or narrow doorways) which you failed to notify our sales operators of. By booking your delivery date and time with the sales operative you are agreeing that there are no such access (steps etc) or parking restrictions which we should be aware of.

g. We will only deliver to ground floor properties (unless an elevator is available); this can include a maximum of 4 steps. Certain products may be delivered up or down a flight of stairs at additional cost by prior arrangement only. Call us to find out if the items you require can be delivered in this way.

h. Whilst our own drivers are happy to wheel your product into an unobstructed room of your choice, we cannot be held responsible for any damage incurred. It is your responsibility to protect any floor coverings to prevent damage while the products are being situated in the property.

i. Once the delivery has been accepted at the delivery address you have a duty of care for the goods. In the event that you, or a third party, transport the goods from the delivery address to another location we cannot be held responsible for any damages.

3. Damaged and Faulty Goods

a. If your goods are damaged or faulty, we will repair or replace the goods free of charge or refund at our discretion.

b. Do not install any damaged items. This counts as acceptance of goods and the item is then non-returnable and non-refundable.

c. Damaged goods must be reported within 24 hours of delivery. We may use our discretion.

d. In the case of an item being faulty we require an inspection by a qualified engineer to be carried out on the item in the location where it is installed. This is so the nature of the fault can be ascertained before we can arrange for a repair or replacement. We will use our discretion.

4. Additional Services

a. If requested we will collect old appliances for recycling on a like-for-like basis when we deliver your new item(s). We make a charge for this service to cover collection and transportation.

b. Additional services which have been ordered but are then declined upon delivery are non-refundable, as we allocate space for these services on our delivery vehicles. This includes 'Old Product Collection', 'Two Man Delivery' services etc.

5. Installation

a. We offer an installation service with selected goods. Please ask a member of staff for more details about this service.

b. We do not install gas appliances of any type, we will deliver them to your property only, gas appliances will need to be installed by a ‘Gas Safe’ registered engineer.

c. If a connection fails because the customer did not inform of us of any reason why it may not be successful or because the customer did not inform us with the reasons such as inadequate plumbing, inadequate household electrics, or anything to do with the connection such as inaccessibility to pipe work, faulty taps etc. we reserve the right to make a failed connection charge.

6. Warranties

a. All items carry a minimum 30 days parts and labour warranty issued by Fox’s Domestic, we will repair or replace the goods free of charge or refund at our discretion.

b. Appliances which is subject to provisions that the appliance:

o Has been used solely for domestic purposes and is on domestic premises; i.e. not for commercial or trade use.

o Has not been subject to misuse, accident, modified or repaired by anyone other than our own service engineers.

c. All filters to be checked for blockages by yourselves, and any related plumbing, mains supply socket etc,, if installed by yourselves, you must ensure it has been installed correctly according to install data sheet A1 (available in store), and there are no trapped pipes or seized water taps

d. Warranties do not cover misuse, abuse, overloading and will void warranty at our discretion. (e.g. snapped door handles, hinges, washing machine drum paddles, damage to elements and thermal over stats caused by not cleaning filters and or condenser units etc)



  • Will the appliance fit in the space you intend to locate the appliance? Before buying, please measure the spaces for COOKERS and REFRIGERATED products as there are 3 STANDARD SIZED WIDTHS: 60cm, 55cm, 50cm. All washing machines are 60cm wide but they vary in depth (can stick out of worktop if large drum size chosen). Fridge Freezers vary immensely in height and width so make sure you check there are no height restrictions i.e. cupboards pipework etc. as well as the width of the unit. NO returns if the item doesn’t fit.

  • Is the appliance for you or your household, if it’s for someone at another property then we will require their contact mobile number for the delivery driver as well as your own in case of complications that can arise with third party delivery/sales.

  • Is there an existing appliance at the property that needs removal? This can be taken away free of charge (must be disconnected and be left out side property before we arrive during the Covid 19 outbreak) when your new appliance is delivered.

  • Are there any steps? We only deliver to ground floor properties. This must be confirmed before purchase in a telephone conversation. (NOTE: This service is not available during any pandemic restrictions)

  • On the day of delivery, are the pathways clear, obstacles removed (such as bicycles, wheelie bins, garden furniture etc)?

  • Is the delivery out of the Leicestershire area? Free delivery applies only in Leicester (to LE3 postal code properties) and the standard delivery charges (as below) apply strictly in Leicestershire. Please do not purchase for delivery if you are outside of Leicestershire - please call us first if you are unsure or on the outskirts.

  • Do you require free installation on the washing machine? If so there needs to be adequate plumbing in the property with a suitable water isolation tap or main stop tap and waste outlet (restricted to those who are incapable/unable during Covid 19)

  • Installation on cookers is £30 you must have an adequate cooker circuit of at least 32amps with a cooker connection plate behind cooker on wall and/or cooker switch (restricted to those who are unable/incapable only during Covid 19). Add our 'Installation Service' option to your Cart when purchasing.




  • LE1  -  All £15​

  • LE2  -  All £15 except £10 for LE2 6/7/8**​

  • LE3  -  All Free​

  • LE4  -  All £15 except £20 for LE4 3/4**​

  • LE5  -  All £15 except £20 for LE5 1/4**​

  • LE6  -  All £20 except for LE6 1**

  • LE7  -  All £20

  • LE8  -  All £15 except for LE8 8/0**​

  • LE9  -  LE9 1/2/3/5** = £15.        LE9 4/6/7/8** = £20

  • ​LE10 - All £20​

  • LE11 - All £20

Anchor 2


  • LE12 - All £20

  • ​LE13 - All £20

  • ​LE14 - All £20

  • LE15 - All £25​

  • LE16 - LE16 7/8** = £25          LE16 9/0** = £20

  • LE17 - All £20

  • LE18 - All £15​

  • LE19 - All £10​

  • LE65 - All £20​

  • LE67 - All £20​

  • LE87 - All £15​

  • LE95 - All £10​​

Please call us on 0333 666 2333 if you have any questions or require clarification on any of the above.

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